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Seamus has been making music for 36 years and teaching for 28. He has an AmusA (Clarinet), a Bachelor of Music (Sonology) and is completing a Masters of Music Studies (Vocal Pedagogy). He performs as a vocalist and on bass guitar, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, flute, and keyboard. As well as involvement in writing and recording over 20 physical and online releases, he has written for theatre, television, and independent film. For 22 years he was the co-director of Independent Music and the Independent Music Academy.

Festival performances have included The Woodford Folk Festival (Artist in Residence 2016-17), The National and Port Fairy Folk Festivals, Jungle Love, The Queensland Poetry Festival, The Adelaide and Brisbane Fringe Festivals, Livid, The Big Day Out, Cementa Arts Festival, and various venues including QPAC, The Sydney Opera House, and The Arts Centre Melbourne.

Seamus was a member of beloved Brisbane funk/punk band Taxi, as well as folk revival group Cole, Kirkpatrick and Van Dijk, acid-folk group One Straw, jazz trio The Charlie Moreland Trio, and was a founding member of The Shenzo Electric Stunt Orchestra. Recently, Seamus has performed with Nonsemble, Luke Jaaniste’s HHAARRPP.collective, Nick Watson And The Bawdy Dicks, and is a regular collaborator with writer, artist and film maker Jake Connor Moss. He has guested with The Resin Dogs, The Doch Gypsy Orchestra, and The Toothfaries.


Facebook for gig/event details, instagram and tumblr for pictures and poems.

Site photos by Jake Connor Moss/ River Petein/ Michelle Vine/ Sara Berndt